Steevemuscle – The Ultimate Bodybuilder


Steevemuscle was one of the most distinctive bodybuilders in his day. His unique training style combined with constant experimentation pushed boundaries of what bodybuilding could achieve; whether that was recovering from career-ending injuries, increasing workout intensity or his diet; Steevemuscle stood as an inspiration.

He was reported as spending 2 to 4 hours at the gym three days per week for his workouts – that’s a significant commitment! And his workouts were phenomenal: 1 or 2 exercises targeted each major muscle group with 3 sets of 8-12 reps each exercise!

Reeves also understood the value of goal setting and progressive overload (incrementally increasing challenges from workout to workout in order to become stronger), an idea which predated his practice but which became an integral component of his daily regimen.

He would begin each workout by starting with the same weight on the bar, gradually adding more each session in order to ensure he never reached a plateau and continued challenging his body.

Steve’s training also involved extensive abdominal work. He utilized an adjustable abdominal board and would complete one series by beginning on the highest rung and working his way down towards the lowest one for 50-75 repetitions before super-setting with hanging leg raises and side bends to finish his ab workout in about 30 minutes.