Meet Brownmeow, a Sweet and Playful Feline


Brownmeow, the sweet and playful feline!

When adopting a tabby cat, you get more than an adorable pet; these felines are highly intelligent animals who can figure things out for themselves. Naturally curious creatures, tabbies will explore everything around them – which is why it’s crucial to keep breakables, expensive items, house plants etc out of reach and why your tabby may even investigate its toys!

Brown tabbies are natural hunters and enjoy playing fetch to burn off some energy and exercise. Furthermore, these playful cats will spend hours playing with their favorite toys!

No one knows exactly when cats resembling today’s Havana Brown first emerged; however, a manuscript from Siam (now Thailand) that dates from between the 14th and 15th centuries contains an early illustration of a feline that closely resembles our modern brown tabby cat.

Brown tabbies were traditionally employed to control mouse infestations on farms, dairies, police precincts and firehouses; today however, these felines can more frequently be found living within households.

A cat’s coat color is determined by its ratio of eumelanin and pheomelanin pigments in its fur. Eumelanin produces black or dark brown hair while pheomelanin produces red-hued locks; when combined, these pigments produce the characteristic hues and patterns associated with tabby patterns.