Hey Dude Thin Blue Line

Hey Dude Thin Blue Line

Sneakers and shoes by HEYDUDE have earned widespread acclaim from fans for its casual comfort, cool style and long wearability. With multigenerational consumers supporting it and an abundance of wearability options in its collection – sneakers and boots make great choices for work environments, running errands, happy hours or walking the dog!

HEYDUDE offers not only footwear, but also T-shirts and hoodies in throwback materials like corduroy as well as stylish men’s hats emblazoned with their brand’s logo. All these products can be found online through their website as well as apparel items with its iconic emblem printed prominently across their front.

Wally sneaker from Vans is a fan favorite and comes in over 400 variations for color, upper material and pattern. It features quick two-eyelet lacing with nylon plastic lace locks for tightened closure for customized fitting.

Before washing your HEYDUDE shoes, it’s advisable to first thoroughly rinse off any dirt or mud accumulation. In addition, wipe any big stains or spots as soon as they become apparent to protect both fabric and leather from being damaged by moisture accumulation.

After mixing some laundry detergent into plain, lukewarm water in a bucket or bowl, use a cloth or old towel dipped into the soapy solution to gently blot away excess dirt from your shoes. A suede brush (instead of regular ones that could damage fabric and leather in your shoes) may also help gently scrub away stains or marks that might exist on them.