House of Households – Meet Stacy Davis


Attorney by day and award-winning screenwriter at night, Stacey Davis isn’t afraid to take bold risks when it comes to her dream pursuits. After over 10 years as a successful litigator at one of Birmingham’s premier firms, Stacey decided to follow her heart by opening up her own boutique entertainment law firm which represents artists whose stories fill her writing desk after workday ends.

Stacey is not only an accomplished lawyer, she is also a highly-successful filmmaker. In 2019, she made her directorial debut with the short films CHERRY and PIE IN THE PUSSS which both played at over 30 festivals worldwide. Additionally, she wrote and produced many other shorts like BURYING THE LEAD (which won Grand Prize at Sidewalk Film Festival’s SideWrite competition), feature films, TV pilots and webseries.

Stacy, a former teacher herself, combines her love of educational advocacy and political ambition by joining Chicago Teachers Union AFT Local 1 as Political and Legislative Director to ensure public educators, students and their families are heard and represented during policymaking processes. She also serves on Center for Social Inclusion’s First Food Racial Equity Cohort as well as United States Lactation Consultant Association’s Board of Directors.

Stacy was one of the most powerful Houseguests, along with her allies Preston Holbrook and Arush Dalal, during season 3. She won both Head of Household competitions – sending home Declan Dial and Delaney Dial respectively – before her win was invalidated after it emerged that she gave Declan a round-trip ticket that allowed him back in and she eventually was sent out the door herself. However, in week five Stacy’s HOH win was nullified once it became evident she gave Declan an exit ticket which allowed him back into the game allowing him to reenter game and send Stacy packing again despite winning HOH competitions!