How Will Mrcharles21’s Demonetization Affect Him in the Long Term?


Mrcharles21, an online beauty influencer with millions of subscribers across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok platforms such as TikTok is said to make an estimated annual earnings estimate of $25,500 from YouTube videos alone according to cosmetics website Cosmetify. He collaborates with other influencers while hosting his own beauty competition show on YouTube as well as having an eye shadow palette available through Morphe. Cosmetify estimated this venture generated $255,000 per video view he made plus other ventures such as creating an eye shadow palette! Cosmetify estimated his estimated earnings total at $255,500 per YouTube video view plus additional ventures that made over $254,500 per video plus additional earnings from other ventures according to Cosmetify estimates made through various ventures combined.

But Mrcharles21’s meteoric rise abruptly came to a halt after allegations surfaced of grooming a 16-year-old girl and sending nude photographs. While he denied these claims and claimed he didn’t realize she was under 18, these allegations caused YouTube to temporarily suspend monetization on his channel and end his partnerships with Morphe and Lilly Lashes respectively.

However, many experts remain sceptical that Mrcharles21’s backlash will have any lasting repercussions, noting how other high-profile YouTube stars who were demonetized after similar controversies were reinstated with larger audiences and bigger brands after being demonetized themselves. They also point out how makeup companies frequently partner with influencers for promotional purposes and that terminating those relationships needn’t always be seen as major setbacks.