In The Private Room Manga

In The Private Room Manga

Manga Kissa | Stay In A Private Room Manga

While traveling through Japan, manga kissa (manga cafes) are becoming an increasingly popular way of restful and economical accommodation options for visitors. But what exactly are manga cafes? And how can I access one?

Before visiting a manga kissa, there are a few essential points you need to keep in mind. They generally charge by the hour; cost will depend on booth type and planned stay length – some have minimum hour requirements as well. Registration may also be necessary before entering, often with ID being requested if this is your first time there.

Most manga kissa offer unlimited non-alcoholic drinks to their public area guests, padded mats for sleeping (instead of traditional reclining chairs), televisions with multiple language channels and PCs with internet access; additionally some offer food service and karaoke at an additional fee; showers may be provided if desired.

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