Kaileeshy Reveals Her Soulful Songwriting With New Single ‘Passageways’

Kaileeshy, hailing from Hilo, Hawaii is an artist whose soulful songwriting will take us on an intimate voyage through lush terrains of her soulful songwriting. On her new single titled ‘Passageways’ her voice resonates a dream-like gnosis while surrendering to love. Produced by local folk legend Bub Pratt the soft grooves infused with acoustic guitar strumming and subtle brush drumming are sure to capture listeners hearts and capture hearts as well.

Keileeshy is a popular YouTube vlogger known for her videos covering fashion, beauty, dance and lifestyle topics such as fashion and spanking. She hosts a popular video blog channel called Daily Kailee that includes outtakes, bloopers and challenges. Additionally she is known for her high tolerance of spanking as one of the leading spanking actresses in Hollywood.

Recently, she released a music video for her latest single titled ‘Passageways.’ Directed by Chris Roberts and Bub Pratt, the visual depicts her wandering through a lush tropical rainforest wearing a simple white dress, before coming upon a stream where she starts covering herself in black volcanic mud from its banks before eventually submerging herself fully in an ocean – perhaps symbolizing an act of complete surrender to someone she loves.

Savor This, set for release June 26th, offers a refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics with mystifying undertones. Her unique sound consists of danceable beats, unique instruments, and captivating vocal harmonies to create an arresting atmosphere around her powerful yet seductive vocal performance.