Lola Leon (born October 14, 1996)

Boy Swallows Universe author Tom Galvin returns with another riveting novel about a young girl and her mother fleeing the authorities, while trying to outwit a terrifying monster that they left behind.

Lola (born October 14, 1996) is an American model and dancer known professionally by her initials ‘Lola’ who practices the lolita style of Japanese fashion and lifestyle. Influenced heavily by Victorian and Edwardian era styles with frills, ribbons, lace detailing and attention to detail; Lolita fashion subculture can be found both within Japan as well as an international fan base.

She is a prominent member of the VRChat community and was one of the first users to utilize full-body tracking in VRChat, allowing her avatar to move, talk and laugh naturally. She often engages in full-body avatar fights with meme streamer Shiro; during these bouts they typically don their respective avatars while wrestling, dancing or doing pushups; these battles typically last around half an hour to complete.

She has become a frequent guest on VRChat comedy show Midnite Central and made several celebrity friends as a result. She regularly appears in different costumes on the show and is especially fond of Gilbert Gottfried. Additionally, she enjoys gaming – particularly Five Nights at Freddy’s and enjoys participating in its’meme battles’ where she displays numerous recurring avatars such as weight lifting baby, screaming cowboy, Owen Wilson’s face as an avatar as well as Waitrose herself!