Lopezleila is a Play on Words

Masiela Lusha hails from a range of European cities including Tirana, Budapest and Vienna where she speaks five languages including Spanish and English. Masiela has demonstrated her abilities as an actress across multiple platforms including television shows such as George Lopez starring Carmen Lopez for five seasons on syndicated series such as print work with Ben Affleck’s print company or voiceovers and film projects.

Children of the World is an organization she founded and directs that aims to promote literacy and art-based education for disadvantaged children worldwide. She donated 10 acres of land for this cause and plans on opening additional chapters both domestically and abroad.

J Lo’s Delola spirits stand out in the world of celebrity-branded spirits because they are alcohol-free. Although she does not consider herself “an avid alcohol consumer”, she created this drink line because she wanted something easy, convenient, and healthy to add to her drink arsenal.

Lopezleila, Spanish for “lollipop,” is the perfect name for her new project and brand: in this new interview with Fair Haven community champion Peter Noble, she explained how this name serves to remind people to be kind and make an effort – something which rings especially true to her since her life is dedicated to giving back.