Minjibaby – A Story About a Little Girl’s Wedding


Minji appears much younger than she actually is, yet still exudes adorable personality and charm that made everyone love her from day one. She knows exactly how to bring joy to those closest to her – both family members and colleagues alike! Her smile brings smiles across everyone she encounters – especially the ones who know and adore her the most!

She had spent months preparing for this day, looking at herself in the mirror and asking her servants for advice on what to wear on her wedding day. She was concerned her fiance wouldn’t like the suit she bought him so asked Seokjin to check it out several times before asking his opinion; when he confirmed he liked it she felt much relief.

The church is decorated in vibrant and warm hues, featuring bright fairy lights interlaced with various red and white flower arrangements adorning its wooden pillars of gazebo. All guests who were selected for seating sit together according to family seats; those who didn’t survive the Whale massacre are honored with photos and a bouquet in their place where they should have belonged.

Minji feels overwhelmed by the crowd of people surrounding her, yet can’t help feeling excited and eager to show how well she performs in front of all these fans. To enjoy each moment and embrace what this opportunity has in store for her.