Nessa_More in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Nessa in Pokemon Sword and Shield has an odd habit of keeping all her Water-type Pokemon inside Dive Balls, an unusual strategy when most gym leaders provide at least some water in their gym so their Water-type Pokemon can freely swim around.

Nessa’s gym also stands out for the absence of land-based Pokemon; most land-based ones cannot swim and would have difficulty reaching her gym in the first place.

Nessa is quite peculiar in that she considers Milo (a gym leader from Grass-type gyms) her rival despite his much stronger competition and their mutual dislike. This makes no sense as Milo is in reality much stronger than Nessa!

Furthermore, many have noticed that Nessa resembles Aqua Admin Shelly due to both characters having Water-type Pokemon and blue outfits – something Gamefreak typically avoids with their characters in Pokemon series! Even more perplexing is the fact that Shelly is a trainer while Nessa serves as gym leader!