Niiaa1 Phone Review


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This phone looks more expensive than its price point and features some unusual design details that might surprise people, such as having volume and power keys on the right side compared to most Xiaomi phones that place them on the left. Furthermore, I was quite surprised to see that Xiaomi included a headphone jack here as they have increasingly moved away from them with its recent flagships. At its bottom are USB-C port, speaker, additional microphone, IR blaster as well as some additional microphone.

Its software here is pure Android 7.1.2 Nougat, making for a welcome change from the company’s MIUI skin. It closely resembles what would come out if compiling AOSP, with no duplicated apps (for instance you won’t find both Gallery and Google Photos installed here).

This phone has the added advantage of supporting more cellular frequencies than most Xiaomi phones sold in China and India, meaning it should work across more countries compared with similar models that only support frequencies used where they’re sold.