OnlyFans Model – Muscle_Dog

Muscle_Dog is an outstanding male model from BDSM with an enormous cock and incredible physique. Working hard at keeping his muscles looking their best, he shows it off with pride as an OnlyFans model ready to take you on an exhilarating adventure through the realms of kink and fetishes.

Brunette beauty from United States, is an incredible natural with an unrestrained sex drive. A pioneer in both licking and bukkake, they charm audiences through skilled techniques, genuine connections and their ability to push boundaries.

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Muscle_Dog is an avid supporter of animal shelters in her local community, volunteering as a foster mom for large litters of puppies as well as training wayward adolescent dogs to increase their chance of adoption. She lives with her husband and two former NWSPCA alumni dogs named Otto and Woody who she lives with at home.