Pinya Nude (Movie Review)

Pinya Nude

Pinya Nude is an erotic sex story about two women who fall for the same man and compete to gain his attention and manipulate him into loving one of them more. Their rivalry becomes even fiercer when one catches him with another woman; leading to an intense and unpredictable revenge plot which keeps audiences at the edge of their seats!

Pina is a traditional Philippine dress made of “pinya” silk and decorated with embroidery of hibiscus flowers. Pair it with boyfriend jeans rolled up at the ankles and sneakers for an effortless look that exudes Filipina empowerment.

Pim reveals to Mai that she never knew Pinya, yet can still hear the songs she would sing her to sleep – tunes she still hears now – while also disclosing that their father, Putt, was an artist just like them. Mai also mentions an unseen hole which appeared after Krit died; only she can see it and claims she poisoned both him and Pinya out of revenge against their abusive mother’s treatment; Phong arrives home and finds them convulsing on the floor; Phong pulls out his gun but is stopped by his dead wife’s ghost who takes instead!