Sam_Monrou (Movie Review)


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Sam is a college professor specializing in mythical folklore and ancient rituals, father to Bella Monroe and former husband of Melissa Gale. When Sam arrives in Hanuda to meet up with Melissa they both travel into Hanuda’s alternative dimension where Bella goes missing and Sam finds himself trying to locate her as well as uncover more secrets of Hanuda itself.

Sam enters a mine, encounters an armed Spider Shibito and must fight it, until finally incapacitating it with antennas in the area to electrocute it. Sam continues onwards to the exit where Melissa awaits; however, they become separated when another Spider Shibito emerges from an observation tower; so Sam takes measures to protect Bella by shooting at it with a shotgun.

Sam discovers a building that used to be a church. Inside are documents leading him back to Izaku Valley Church where he runs into another Sam. Hearing his name again, the older Sam reminds him that Howard sent an email about coming to Hanuda; but younger Sam doesn’t recall sending anything about Hanuda in it.