Should You Display Nudes in Your Home?

Many find the human body stunning and natural; yet for others, its depiction may be off-putting or taboo. Displaying nude art can be considered offensive by others. When considering adding nude art into your home or looking for conversation pieces to spruce it up further, its display can often prove controversial; thus it is wise to fully research both pros and cons before making your final decision.

Pro: Nude art can be an excellent way of showing respect for the human body, especially since nudity is such an intrinsic part of who people are. Showing them off in an artistic fashion helps show guests that human bodies should not be kept hidden or ridiculed, thus helping to foster body positivity within your home, especially if there are children or houseguests unfamiliar with its natural beauty.

Cons: Some nude art may be provocative and its interpretation varies widely among viewers; for instance, realistic portraits may be seen as tasteful while those that expose specific genitals or depict love scenes could be considered more sexualized. Furthermore, there have been ongoing discussions as to whether certain forms of nude art is empowering or oversexualizing.

At the core, making a decision to display nude art should always be an individual decision based on your comfort level and values in the home. If unsure, speaking to family and friends can often help clarify any uncertainties around nude art before reaching an informed decision.