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The Southern Belle was an archetype popular in the Antebellum South among upper class white women, often daughters of plantation owners who enjoyed leisure due to their family’s slave ownership. These ladies took great pride in their southern heritage and prided themselves on being beautiful; some attended school like Columbia Female Institute to perfect their domestic skills.

However, the Southern Belle subculture also had negative stereotypes associated with it. Some women in this subculture were seen as gossipy or vain while others were known for drinking excessively and partying excessively. Most of these negative images vanished after slavery was abolished in the South during American Civil War.

While this movie follows the story of Smith Dykins Atkins and Ella Swain, there are significant problems with its depiction of Southern Belle culture. Most importantly, there is the issue of romanticizing this subculture without acknowledging its roots in slavery; moreover, never once does it mention how slaves who manufactured lavish dresses and plantation homes were often mistreated, mistreated, and killed – another troubling aspect of Southern history which has long been ignored in cinema. It only further underscores racism that persists today.