The Monster Cams Hidden Camera w/DVR Is Lighter and More Durable Than Ever

Monster Cams

As anyone who spends their days finagling cams into marginal placements on rugged granite walls knows, cams can take quite the beating from climbers utilizing aid climbing techniques. Aid climbers in particular tend to abuse cams ruthlessly by repeatedly placing and unplacing them awkwardly as well as loading them into tight spaces that strain stems or fray trigger wires; falling on cams may also do irreparable harm depending on their position.

Manufacturers of cams are constantly working to produce lighter and more durable products while maintaining holding power. Lightening measures such as using less dense materials for body components can make a big difference when it comes to comfort when climbing, or how easy a rack is to manipulate on the wall. A reduction of even one pound per unit could be enough to make all the difference for many climbers.

Testing revealed the Monster Digital cam to be extremely intuitive. One button controls power and modes; another press cycles through photo, dashcam, and playback modes; once in any of these modes it should remember them and resume in that mode when cycling power; however, our testers found that sometimes video mode was switched on even though nothing else had changed on its end.

The Omni Monster Can Hidden Camera with DVR provides an inconspicuous way of keeping tabs while you’re away. Concealed within an energy drink can, this camera captures 1920×1080 resolution video at 30fps at 1920 x 1080 resolution resolution on an SD card and stores it internally; you’ll need compatible device support in order to view its footage; setup is made easy through television or monitor and you can easily connect with your wireless router through AV cables or directly connect via TV via AV cables for setup; settings can be changed via remote control or mobile app; plus it comes equipped with 16GB microSD card storage capacity so you’re ready to start watching right away!