Tokyo Golden Gai – A Beer Nerd’s Paradise


Tokyo_Golden Most visitors to Japan focus their sightseeing trips around three areas – Harajuku and Meiji Jingu shrine, Asakusa with Sensoji temple, and Shibuya Crossing as shown in every non-Japanese film ever set there – but one less visited spot worth considering is Shinjuku Golden Gai, with over 200 bars of all shapes and sizes that serve beer enthusiasts as well as fun seekers alike. These themed drinking dens make conversation easy between customers and bartenders!

Golden Gai in Kabukicho was once a red-light district, yet was spared the firebombings of World War II by a group of individuals determined to protect this special part of Tokyo. While other areas have since been developed into more modern areas, Golden Gai still retains that nostalgic postwar charm – perfect for visitors wanting an unpolished taste of Tokyo nightlife!

One of the most unique spots in Golden Gai is Robot Restaurant iRamen Nagis, with sci-fi themed performances and food that won’t blow your mind! While food may not be stellar here, what draws in crowds are really just its shows; some guests even claim they had an unforgettable time here due to them alone!

Bar Araku stands out with its leopard print theme and is an extremely popular spot among foreign travellers, drawing them in with friendly bartenders who share interesting tales of their travels and low prices – even purchasing drinks with only 500 yen coins is possible here!