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The new variant of VB comes in 250ml bottles with 6% alcohol compared to 4.9% in classic VB, sold in four-pack 250ml stubbies containing 1.2 standard drinks each and meant as an adjunct product of its original version. Australians are becoming more moderate with their alcohol consumption; almost 30% of Carlton & United Breweries beer sales now consist of zero, low or mid strength beers according to brand director Sarah Wilcox.

VX features a bolder and more intense taste while still using the same ingredients as classic VB, according to CUB spokesperson, Michelle Pugh. CUB hopes the launch of their Xtra brand extension can counteract the growing popularity of craft beers that tend to contain higher alcohol concentrations with cheaper pricing structures than its traditional VB range.

VX will retail at approximately $16 for one stubby and $60 per slab; nationwide availability will begin this week.