What is a Foot Fetish Nj?

Foot Fetish Nj

Everybody has their own favorite triggers when it comes to what turns them on; for some it might be neck kisses while for others it might be watching Bridgerton. Did you know some people have an interest in feet? Known as podophilia, foot play involves sexually aroused touch of soles, toes or nails of feet such as touching, licking rubbing rubbing sucking massaging these parts for sexual pleasure – including activities like “shrimping” (having your toes sucked). Additionally there are toys such as vibratorss and lubricants to further heighten this sensational experience!

There’s no one-and-only explanation as to why some people develop a foot fetish, though several theories exist as possible causes. One such theory holds that because the area of the brain responsible for processing genital arousal and foot sensations are located so close together neurologically; another theory states that feet being hidden away so often make for intimate sexual encounters.

As no matter the cause may be, it’s essential to keep in mind that having an interest in feet is absolutely normal and acceptable between consenting adults. So long as there’s no harm done by excessive fetishism of feet–one of the more underrated kinks out there–then lean into it with joy!