What is the 2lovinghearts Emoji?


2Lovinghearts tells the tale of two lovers whose relationship is threatened by COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an inspiring film that reminds us to cherish every moment we share together despite challenges or hardship.

(Two Hearts): These pink hearts of different sizes may be used to express love, affection or an intimate bond between people. It is commonly used as an appreciation gesture between friends or family members and romantic interests; and can even serve as an effective way of telling your crush you like them! On Snapchat this emoji signifies you have been #1 BFFs for two consecutive months.

If a girl sends you two red hearts in quick succession, this could be a sure sign she likes and cares about you. Receiving two such gestures could even signal love; at minimum though it should show her cares about you in some capacity; she may just be being friendly by doing this – which may not mean anything romantic either way!