ACE Academy Character Review – Nikkispade


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Nikki enjoys having fun and taking on new challenges, so she’s up for anything the player throws her way! An all-round beauty with plenty of experience and an amusing sense of humor, Nikki may seem intimidating at first but quickly warms up into an adorable sweet and naughty lady.

ACE Academy’s story centers around three pilot teammates of its protagonist: Kaori Itami, Mayu Akemi and Shou Shinjirou as well as designated bro-character Yuuna Misaki and team mechanic Valerie Belle. Each has their own romantic journey entwined within their main plotline. Other characters important but unattached such as Tatsuo Yasuda with his tsundere roommate Kaori Itami or Eagle when activated Overdrive mode are also prominent elements.

Amanda Lee provides the voice for Nikki in ACE Academy and makes a parody cameo at the end of each game; director Dishu Khan also appears.