Bakedddaddy – A Book Review

Bakeddaddy, the latest book from Fancy Nancy, tells a charming tale about JoJo and Daddy Clancy baking a cake for someone special–but JoJo won’t reveal who it’s for because it must remain secret!

At times of uncertainty and fear, it’s a welcome reminder to keep family close together while also showing that life can still be fun despite challenges. Baking together is a fantastic way for families to have fun together even during difficult times; whether stirring the mix, measuring ingredients or helping apply frosting – everyone can get involved and baking can become an experience to learn from for children as young as four! Measuring out ingredients provides hands-on math lessons; following recipes applies theory directly while doubling recipes provides opportunities to work on fractions/conversions concepts!

Baking can also be an effective form of stress relief. Following a recipe is an engaging activity that helps the mind focus on one task at a time, helping people manage anxiety more easily as they reach goals set for them and increase self-confidence.

Though baking may not be new, I believe it is worth emphasizing its many uses beyond personal enjoyment. Baking can bring together family members for bonding time together, teach children about science and nutrition concepts, or build community in times of instability and unpredictability.