About the Artist – Le_Chan

About Le_Chan

Le_Chan has had multiple works auctioned off for over 160 USD each time they have been shown at an auction house, with her painting Citadelle a Co Loa bringing the highest price at that time – 1,703 USD in 2022’s Dobiaschofsky Auction.

Her life story is an inspiration to many in our country. Hailing from a disciplined family, she became well known for her beauty, wit, martial arts skills and extraordinary willpower. Grand Administrator To Dinh once attempted to make her his concubine but was denied. Instead she collaborated with villagers in An Duong district reclaiming coastal area to form a prosperous settlement of their own.

Through her life, Le Chan had to fight both enemies and harsh conditions with great strength, yet never wavered from fighting for her fatherland and people. In 40 AD she joined Trung Sisters’ insurgent army to expel Chinese troops from Me Linh with great success; her righteous soldiers won several victories and Le Chan was then honored by her people by giving them Nghe Temple in Hai Phong city as a reward.

Each year, Nghe and An Bien Temple Festival commemorates Saint Le Chan and her great contributions to Hai Phong city. This festival includes a lady procession, sacrificial ceremony, and incense offering as cultural reminders for both city dwellers and citizens of their nation of Saint Le Chan’s great service to both her countrymen and villagers alike.