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Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s quirky animated series may appear to be nothing more than an amusing comedy about an ageing actor played by a talking horse, but behind all its whimsicality lies an insightful exploration of addiction and mental illness. Additionally, its deconstruction of Hollywood culture provides as fascinating an experience as its complex commentary on mental health issues.

BoJack attempts to recover from years of drug and alcohol abuse in the first half of Season 6. Now sober and teaching acting classes at Wesleyan where his half-sister Hollyhock studies, but even these positive changes cannot protect him from his past – as evidenced by Diane sending a tape detailing what may have occurred with a young girl in New Mexico.

Although BoJack may seem to be suffering with his mental health, others in the cast also struggle. Many characters deal with feelings of depression, anxiety and self-loathing on a daily basis – reflecting both Hollywood’s culture and mental illness- while providing hope that one may still find happiness despite having these ailments.

BoJack Horseman excels at deconstructionism – a branch of literary theory which seeks to dismantle and reconstruct the status quo, while simultaneously reinforcing it majesty. Simply put, deconstructionism allows viewers to understand that something seemingly straightforward may actually be far more intricate. BoJack Horseman embraces this genre masterfully with its challenging depictions of fame and money leading directly to happiness.