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Kendra Wilkinson has always been celebrated for her stunning figure, but now she’s showing us she knows how to be beautiful inside and out as well. The Girls Next Door star is seven months pregnant with NFL quarterback Hank Baskett’s child Henry Baskett IV and recently discussed with In Touch Magazine how she and her doting husband Hank Baskett are taking this new journey of parenthood in stride.

Hank is delighted with their first child together; Kendra “is quite enthusiastic about motherhood”. Hank believes this may be Kendra’s true calling in life: She truly enjoys being a momma!

But that doesn’t mean she isn’t still gorgeous: Kendra Kendra Jewels recently introduced its eye-catching jewelry collection featuring vibrant prints, metallic finishes and mixed metals to suit every style imaginable.

It’s also remarkable to see just how terrible she is at real estate. Had she truly dedicated herself to becoming a realtor, she would have spent years at smaller agencies learning her trade before entering this company. Instead, this show is meant to make her seem competent so that viewers will give her money from watching it; its comedy value lies in people accepting such fakery! LA flipping shows have taught us all that all you need to be successful is just being aware of real estate or making money;