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Linda is Molly McIntire and Susan Shapiro’s close companion and best friend. Although more practical and serious than them, Linda still manages to come up with imaginative schemes like her friends do. Unfortunately, Linda tends to keep a somewhat messy home environment, dislikes cold weather conditions and has an extreme fear of spiders and bugs! She finds any form of creepy crawly things “creepy.”

Linda lives in Tent Six with Molly and Susan at Camp Gowonagin, enjoying archery as much as watching their counselors perform daily duties. On rainy days she works on her lanyard. Linda can sing well too; often singing to her mother when doing chores alongside Molly.

On Halloween night, Linda joins Alison and Molly as they discuss possible costumes. When Molly suggests Cinderella as an option, Linda points out how this wouldn’t be fair as she’d become Cinderella herself! As she and the girls walk home Ricky sprays them with his water hose causing some excitement! They later try some new candy before becoming completely drenched from Ricky spraying with his water hose!

Linda Memari is part of Bob Memari’s Iranian heritage family, and in “Homeland Insecurity”, was targeted by Stan for being part of a terrorist sleeper cell. Linda develops a crush on Francine; during “Rough Trade”, Linda comments on how attractive Francine is before unbuttoning her shirt to show off her cleavage; later in “Not Particularly Desperate Housewives”, Linda saves Francine by kissing her instead.