Projektmelody Chaturbate Archive

Melody Chaturbate Archive, more commonly known by her nickname Melody, made headlines when she entered the adult entertainment industry as the first ever 3D rendered hentai cam girl in 2020. A hit on Chaturbate and later Twitter/Twitch Safe For Work streams, Melody is self-described smol but fierce with an anime girl appearance, using various outfits that always reveal. Melody was DigitrevX’s first model not associated with Eilene’s past or recent projects (such as Mirai Akari/ Moemi/ Yomemi/ Natsumi Moe)

She has made waves on Chaturbate since debuting, quickly reaching the top ten within her first week and remaining there ever since. Unfortunately, this success has led some real cam girls to accuse her of taking away viewers they once held close.

Chaturbate is a live streaming website featuring amateur camgirls and camboys engaging in various sexual acts involving nudity. There are various payment methods available on Chaturbate such as subscription plans, tokens, and credits; Chaturbate also features subscription packages of subscription plans with regular renewal.

The platform also provides a safe space for viewers to consume adult-oriented content in an anonymous setting, leading to its widespread popularity with camgirls looking for exposure without risk of physical harm or theft. Furthermore, there is an array of chat options from traditional text to live video streaming available via this website.