Piggypristy – More Than Just Cute Faces

Pigs have become increasingly popular as pets as their cute faces become more recognizable, yet some owners want more from their pigs than cute faces. Two miniature pigs known as Priscilla and Poppleton with over 600k Instagram followers have captured people’s hearts online; often seen slithering around their home in drag outfits with hilarious Instagram captions; capable of agility training, sitting-staying as well as performing other tricks!

But while some families are showing that micro pigs make great house pets, others are finding ownership to be challenging. While micro pigs have become popular pets, many lack either the space or time necessary for their proper care resulting in overcrowding at rescue facilities; thus prompting some individuals to try purchasing one instead of adopting one from rescue centres.

One breeder has taken notice of this increase in demand and coined the term “piggy boom”. Amanda Parkinson runs her business through its Facebook page, TV show and national media profile; people frequently contact her wanting “teacup” or “micro” pigs; this interest spikes every few years when celebrities adopt one as pets.

Piggypristy is an NPC in Roblox’s upcoming horror game Piggy, she can be found during the Spooky Hunt alongside Crove, Mr. Stitchy and Tombstone Traps. While she can be helpful during a hunt she can also be somewhat intimidating as she tends to scream when players become caught in traps or are killed off during playback!