Taylor Miller – A Celebrity Profile


Taylor_Miiller is an influential Instagram fashion influencer, TikTok celebrity, dancer, model and social media influencer who first gained notoriety as a video content creator on Vine – where her dancing and lip sync videos attracted massive acclaim from audiences worldwide.

Taylor graduated at the top 10% of her high school class and immediately enrolled in her local college’s five-year Physician Assistant Program, hoping that pursuing this field would fulfill her desire of helping both people and animals (especially cats and opossums) at once. It proved the ideal career choice.

But by the end of her freshman year, Taylor was suffering from depression and anxiety. Though prescribed medication to alleviate it, it had no effect. Instead, she started missing classes, sleeping all of the time, and cutting herself.

Jennifer also struggled with addiction, which she attempted to overcome through detox and rehab programs. Unfortunately, when she got her first apartment she relapsed into using heroin again, and overdosing regularly. At the end of summer her family discovered her dead in a Center Motel room surrounded by syringes.

She is an American citizen with a net worth exceeding $5 Million as of 2023. She holds a high-ranking beauty pageant title and models for many brands; additionally she serves as a professional personal assistant with more than 54,000 followers on her private Instagram account and commercial appearances under her belt. Born December 31st 1994 she holds the Zodiac sign Cancer.