Sweat_Mia is proud to show off her numerous tits and large ass. Taking time with each step, she gently scrubs her body using a towel starting at her face and shoulders moving down towards washing cock and balls and finally her soft ass which she enjoys feeling on hard surfaces; also loves licking it around and moving it.

She open her legs slightly to give herself more freedom of movement and shifts her weight between legs, trying to pull up her nightgown over her bottom but finding that it had caught on her hands instead; whimpering quietly, she gazes upon herself knowing her Dominant will not approve of this action.

Her smooth nipples were irresistible and she wanted nothing more than to feel them against her skin and feel their hardening as blood rushed in from all directions. She couldn’t wait to lick them – with both tongues!

She shifts and leans forward, pressing her hot ass against his firm erection. Her fingers want to slip inside his tight bud and feel the throbbing clit, moans softly as her skin tingles with pleasure, as the shower splashes over her body; she enjoys feeling its flow on her soft skin.