Thecherie Cam (DVD) Review

Director Daniel Goldhaber’s webcam thriller offers a gripping and startlingly sympathetic perspective on being young, attractive, and vulnerable online – while suggesting that adult entertainment may not always be innocent and harmless.

This film follows Alice (Madeline Brewer of Orange Is The New Black), an young woman working as a cam girl for an adult video website. Alice essentially transforms into an “adult magazine pin-up”, dancing around naked before streaming herself directly into camera lens with just her undergarments, socks and varsity jacket – often engaging viewers and flirting shamelessly with viewers!

She works hard, with the goal of reaching the top 50 girls on her site – which will take a cut of her earnings. Her admirers – or “pathetic men”, as she refers to them – lavish her with cash rewards as well as tokens like YouTube views or likes on Instagram photos; this constant flow of rewards makes camming an easy way for her to get hooked, leading her into making some dangerous and irresponsible decisions in this business.

Alice panics when her account is compromised and replaced by an impostor who quickly becomes the most sought-after girl on the site, prompting a race against time to discover who’s behind this copycat and get control back of her online identity. Screenwriter Mazzei worked in this field; her passionate performance paints a picture of a very real young woman drawn to camming as an escape into an alternative reality; far removed from everyday reality.