Sweetvane – A Review of the Disney Movie Vanellope

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At the conclusion of the film, Vanellope wears her princess attire as maid of honor at Felix and Calhoun’s wedding reception, where she also serves as maid of honor. While her code may consider her a princess, Vanellope considers herself more of a racer at heart and regards glitching powers as one of her greatest superpowers. Additionally, she decides that keeping this ability is what allows her to become so adept at racing and help save Sugar Rush.

She soon develops an aggressive side, taunting other racers that should they win the Random Roster Race she will have them executed – this being her sole hint of darker tendencies that is seen within the movie itself.

As she’s considered an anomaly, Vanellope is barred from racing by King Candy and his security guards Wynnchel and Duncan in Sugar Rush. When Vanellope attempts to join in a race Ralph appears – covered in candy – to disengage Wynnchel and Duncan and allow Vanellope back into it so she can claim her medal and return home safely with her homemade kart.