Zafiiraa – A Popular Arabic Name For Girls


Zafiiraa is an Arabic name for girls that translates to “sapphire” or “victorious.” This gemlike name can be used to honor those who are champions in their field. Additionally, this may also be pronounced Zfira or Zfyra and this choice of name can be found across Islamic cultures worldwide.

Under numerology’s lens, those associated with the number two tend to be very cooperative and open-minded when working together with others. Furthermore, they have great intuition for understanding others’ feelings more quickly than most; are great communicators; enjoy expressing themselves creatively through art forms such as writing or painting; they make excellent writers, painters or poets! However, it is essential they avoid becoming too introverted as this could isolate them from society.

Opel produced three generations of their Zafira car from 1999 until 2005, beginning with its initial generation known as Zafira A and ending with Zafira B (sold as Subaru Traviq in Japan and never available in the U.S.) which were available worldwide until 2019. Finally, in January 2019 came Opel’s third generation based on Opel Zafira Life van and sold globally with different engines/powertrain combinations depending on market needs.