Zoeliiv – The Sexiest Woman in the World


Zoeliiv shudders in delight as her body responds to the light touch from her trainer. Nipples tighten as muscled tits stretch to their full extent – exactly what Zoeliiv desires and craves. Her trainer slowly strokes leather across and down Zoeliiv’s thigh in pleasure, which leads to even more satisfying experiences for Zoeliiv writhes with pleasure as their trainer strokes it along her leg.

Her lips lick sexily as they trace a seductive line along her black skirt’s slit to expose a red lace thong beneath it. Though she attempts to maintain an appearance of calm, her legs start shaking from excitement and anticipation as her knees shake in time with them.

Zoeliiv had noticed his jet black head hair and broad, broad shoulders were characteristic of over 6 footers with powerful legs; when he started massaging oil into Zoeliiv’s underarm flesh, arms, and forearms, Zoeliiv could feel her skin begin to tingle as well as being massaged into her underarm flesh, arms, and forearms, Zoeliiv felt herself become queasy with anticipation.

Zoeliiv feels her body tingle with delight as she feels the light touch of her trainer’s hands on her tits and nipples – she knows this momentous occasion is about to begin and feels nervous yet excited at once! She knows what’s coming, yet remains confident.

She stretches her legs, shifting her weight onto one hip so that her hips touch, before moving her face close to the crotch and shifting her body so her cheek is pressed against it. Zoeliiv extends her tongue licking it along her smooth pussy lips before sliding it down and up her sweet slit with ease; moansing as she feels her clit tingle in response.