Addison Vodka Ticket Show

Addison is committed to providing all attendees with an enjoyable festival experience, and that includes their safety and security. As such, any behavior which jeopardizes this goal or puts attendees at risk will not be tolerated and any individuals displaying such behaviors will be asked to leave immediately and may not be readmitted; please refer to festival rules for more details.

Tickets for Kaboom Town! are currently on sale online until the day of show and, should it be cancelled, will receive a full refund of their tickets purchased and any applicable fees. Alternatively, hotel packages starting under $90 which provide one room plus six tickets (while supplies last).

No matter how you celebrate fireworks, Addison Circle Park hosts its annual city-produced watch event each year with something for everyone at this annual city-produced watch event – from casual patio parties, fine cuisine and themed cocktails, to themed cocktails! And be sure to stay until 7:30pm this year to witness something new: an Addison Airport Freedom Flyover!