Ramona Smit

Ramona Edwards resides in Oak Park, Michigan and works as both a behavioral health consultant and level 3 coach at Private Archery Coaching. Additionally, she may hold any important civil judgments, misdemeanors, or traffic tickets against her that could include liens, lawsuits, or legal actions brought against them; these records may reveal personal details like addresses and phone numbers associated with them.

She has shared her story countless times – to church groups and students, at White House briefings and one-on-one conversations alike – and each time, her strong yet soothing voice demanded your full attention.

Since her release from prison on February 2, 2016, Ramona has shared her story, advocating for changes to Charlotte’s system that provide safe homes and decent jobs to its residents. In her free time she also spent quality time with family, especially her two sons whom she fought so hard for.

Smit first gained fame through the reality show Gewoon Jan Smit (Just Jan Smit) on TROS in 2005, followed by its second season in 2009. Additionally, he hosted Joad on Voodoo TV channel and Muziekfeest op het Plein (Music Festival on the Square).

As part of KLUBBB3 and the Toppers, Smit launched his own record label Vosound Records with Jaap Buijs in 2012. Artists featured include his sister Monique Smit and Tim Douwsma; its inaugural single Mi Rowsu featuring Suriname singer Damaru reached number one both nationally and in Suriname for charity purposes.