Juliette Garden – A Fun Way to Introduce Shakespeare to Your Girls

Two million tourists travel each year to Verona to kiss and take selfies in Juliet’s courtyard where lovers have written their names surrounded by hearts with lipstick, chewing gum or Band-Aid. Not everyone appreciates this questionable tradition – some critics claim that it detracts from both its beauty and historical significance of this site.

This clever one-act comedy examines the various female roles present in Shakespeare’s works through Juliette_Garden, an intriguing cam model with an intriguing past and personality. She invites four other heroines from his works – Katharina, Portia, Ophelia and Desdemona–for lunch at her favorite garden in Verona to discuss any problems they have in their plots.

Start by getting your girls to make a Flat Juliette Low doll, sending it off to friends and family in different towns, states or countries with instructions to create an adventure trail (e.g. the first stop should be a phone booth; or mark Halloween as her birthdate by drawing a nose or mouth on their jack-o’-lantern) so when they receive her back they write in her journal page as they travel – sharing images on social media or creating scrapbooks as she travels along her route!